What are the best stores to buy craft beer in Boston?

What are the best stores to buy craft beer in Boston?
  • Jul, 30 2023

Diving Headfirst into Boston's Craft Beer Scene

Now, as someone who lives in Brisbane, Australia, the land of kangaroos, koalas, and the occasional crocodile, you'd probably scratch your head wondering why I'm giving you tips on where to buy craft beer in Boston. It's a fair question, really. Well, you see, sometimes in life, destiny serves you an unusual cocktail, and you just can't resist a good adventure!

A few years back, my little rascals, Derwin and Millicent, and I decided to go on an epic adventure. Out of all the places we could choose, we decided Boston. Surprising, right? Known for its massive role in the American Revolution and being home to the Red Sox and Celtics, Boston was a far cry from our sunny Brisbane. But, what sealed the deal for our Bostonian sojourn was none other than my unquenchable thirst for craft beer! Rumour had it, the streets of Boston flowed with kegs of golden nectar, each more refreshing than the last.

Fast forward to now, I am thrilled to say, I wasn't disappointed at all. I returned home bubbling with unprecedented experiences, tips, and yes, stocks of precisely located craft beers from Boston. Below are the crème de la crème of Boston's frothy sea of brews.

The Beantown Gem: Samuel Adams Brewery

Let's kick things off with the giant of Boston craft beer, Samuel Adams Brewery. It's an institution, much like Vegemite to us Aussies. The name itself rings the bells of American history, and let's just say their beer selection lives up to this legendary name.

Whether you are inclined to appreciate the brewed wonders of a Boston Lager or are adventurous enough to try out their Rebel IPA, the Sam Adams Brewery doesn't disappoint. What I genuinely adore about this place is that it is not just about vending beer; it's a journey in itself. From engaging tours explaining the brewing process to sampling numerous existing and experimental beers at the end, Samuel Adams quenches your thirst for knowledge and beer, simultaneously. Remember folks, it's both science and art at play.

Kick off Your Beer Expedition at Night Shift Brewing

Next on my highly recommended list is Night Shift Brewing. So, what's special about this place, you ask? Well, how about breweries with flairs of creativity and innovation that make you go "Blimey, this is bloody fantastic!"

Each beer at Night Shift screams innovation, with blends ranging from their flagship IPA Santilli with robust malt and floral hop notes, to the tantalisingly sour and funky creations like their Rickey Weisse, a mixed fermentation sour ale. But that's not all; the place also doubles as a venue for food truck visits, trivia nights, and live music. Night Shift truly amplifies the craft in craft beer!

Captivating Choices at Craft Beer Cellar

Now, let's talk about a place that's beer heaven for anyone who enjoys variety—it's the Craft Beer Cellar. This place is to beer, what Baskin Robbins is to ice cream. A myriad of beer choices from around the globe, including Boston's finest, neatly lined up like warriors going to battle. Here is where your beer expedition can take an intergalactic leap.

And if you feel a little overwhelmed like I did when I first strolled into the store, worry not. The knowledgeable staff will guide your beer-infused soul to the bottle destined for you. From thirst-quenching IPAs, silky stouts, aromatic ales, to bubbly pilsners, Craft Beer Cellar has all the weaponry you need for your craft beer expedition.

Take a Stroll to Mystic Brewery

A jaunt to Mystic Brewery feels more like stepping into an alchemist's lab with big steel vats turning humble grain and water into liquid gold. Located in the neighborhood of Chelsea just outside of Boston, Mystic Brewery has combined the charm of old world brewing techniques with New England ingredients for the most mesmerizing brewtures (that's brew mixtures, in case you're wondering).

Choice is the game here! If you've ever wondered what a vinous Saison or a heavily-carbonated Belgian ale tastes like, you'll find your answers at Mystic Brewery. Heck, they even have a "Table Beer" that seems to defy categorisation, an easy-drinking low-ABV brew with intricate flavours! Now, isn't that something?

Pick up a Growler at Trillium Brewing Company

Allow me to finally introduce you to Trillium Brewing Company, a family-owned microbrewery that dove headfirst into Boston's craft beer scene back in 2013. With its lineup of yearly releases, seasonals, and one-off experimental brews, Trillium has become one of the most respected names in the world of craft beer. Expect bold, unapologetic flavours like its flagship beer "Fort Point Pale Ale," which boasts tropical and citrusy aromas, all the while maintaining a velvety malt body.

Did I mention that they sell "growlers?" Yes, my fellow beer enthusiasts, at Trillium, you can purchase your draft beer in a sizeable capped jug, known as a growler. Fill it with your poison of choice, and you will be the life of the party. Be prepared for a pat on the back and an occasional "Good on ya, mate!" Saving the best for the last, aren't we?

With this final cheer, I seal my Boston craft beer recommendations. Don't just take my word for it. If destiny ever mixes a Bostonian cocktail for you, dive in and swim in its golden currents. Remember, it's not just about the beer; it's the stories that brew along the way. Being miles away from Boston, in the heart of Brisbane, these beer-laden memories still bring a sparkle to my eyes and a frothy smile to my face. Till my next beer adventure, stay frothy, my friends!